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What’s going to be the total cost for selling your home?

Closing costs are something that most homeowners in Bend don’t think about when they plan on selling their homes and it’s something that every homeowner should think about now because, costs can eat away at a homeowners profits by up to seven percent of their homes sale price.

Breaking down Closing Costs

Once a seller has received an offer, they should consult with their Bend Oregon Realtor and ask for a Seller’s Estimated Net Proceeds Worksheet because, this worksheet will give the homeowner the ability to understand what their expenses are that will be deducted when they close the sale on their home.

Although closing costs vary from state to state, some of the typical closing costs that Oregon homeowners might encounter include the following:

Payoff balance on mortgage – When a homeowner closes the sale on their home they will of course have to pay off the balance on their mortgage, home equity credit lines and second mortgages.

Payoff fees – If a mortgage is paid off early, the Bend homeowner may be required to pay a fee by their lender.

Liens – Before the sale can close, the homeowner will be required by the state to pay off any liens that are on their home from contractors, property taxes or court judgments.

More fees – One of the most common fees that a homeowner can expect to pay is a recording fee; this fee is required to show that all of the homeowners debts have been paid, if they owe money on their home.

Closing Costs Don’t Have To Be Complicated

By hiring a Bend Oregon Realtor now, any homeowner can have confidence in knowing that all of their questions regarding closing costs will be answered when it comes time to close the sale of their home because, Bend Realtor’s save homeowners the time, money and hassle of having to think of all the little things when it comes to closing the sale, themselves.

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