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Selling a home in Bend can be one of the most exciting experiences in the home owners life because, a home sale can represent a transaction in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and it’s important for the seller to choose an offer that they feel comfortable with so they won’t look back on the transaction later and wonder if they could have gotten more money for their home or should have chosen another buyer.

The Offer Process

When a homeowner in Bend first receives an offer on their home the first thing that they must understand is that any offer they receive on their home is absolutely negotiable and this means that the Bend Oregon homeowner can either accept the offer, reject it or send it back to the home buyers Realtor with a request that the terms of their offer be modified.

Have Standards

All Bend Oregon homeowners must know what’s important to them when they are in the process of selling their homes. For example: does the homeowner want to make sure that the buyer has the funds to purchase their home? If so, the seller must have a requirement that all buyers have been prequalified for a mortgage before they submit an offer.

It’s Business

During the course of receiving offers on their home, the homeowner may receive one or more offer from a buyer that’s a little “critical” of their homes decorating choices, furniture or layout; when these comments come, they may be associated with what could be considered a low ball offer. The homeowner must see their home sale as a business transaction and not get offended because, they will have a harder time selling their home.

What Does The Buyer Want?

Last of all, but most important, some buyers may request that furniture, appliances or fixtures be included in the home sale to close the deal. A homeowner must be prepared for this in advance because, they could find themselves torn between leaving their favorite flat screen television in the home once it’s sold or risk losing the home sale because, they didn’t want to include a particular appliance or fixture that the seller really loved about the home.

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