Bend Oregon Home

Bend Oregon Home

By Jason Boone

Selling Bend Oregon Real Estate is one of the most exciting things you will do but the reality is that most people don’t know how to prepare their homes for sale and many times they sell their homes for a lot less than they are worth.

In today’s post I will offer you 7 tips which you can use to get your Bend Oregon Real Estate Ready for sale.

Tip 1 – Create a Connected Home

You can make your home more desirable to all home buyers, including millennials, by creating a connected home.

Start with replacing your old electrical outlets with outlets which are also USB capable then add a wireless router so anyone will be able to use their devices throughout the home.

Tip 2 – Make More Space

Remove half walls, posts and anything which gets in the way of having a more open floor plan in your home.

Tip 3 – Clean Your Windows Inside And Out

One of the biggest problems with selling Bend Oregon Real Estate is dirty windows since many home buyers will wonder what else may be wrong with a home if they look through a dirty window.

Tip 4 – Remove Your Critters

Before buyers start showing up with agents to tour your home make sure you remove your “critters”, including cats and dogs, since some buyers may not like pets, and be concerned about potential pet damage to your home.

Tip 5 – Scrape That Popcorn Ceiling

One of the truths in Real Estate is that nobody really likes popcorn ceiling.

You can help to update the look of your home by scraping your popcorn ceiling yourself and painting the freshly scraped ceiling a neutral color.

Tip 6 – Create an Outdoor Space

If your home doesn’t have an outdoor space, create a space for people to sit and enjoy their time outdoors by adding a patio table and chairs

Tip 7 – Stage Those Forgotten Areas of Your Home

Last of all, but most important, stage the “forgotten” areas of your home by cleaning your medicine cabinets and refrigerator.

This step is important since buyers will search everywhere and it’s important to get those areas of your house clean.

For more tips on how to get your Bend Oregon Real Estate ready for sale contact me, today by clicking here to contact me through my website or by calling (541) 383-1426.