Warm weather sparks the Bend housing market

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Sunny skies bring optimism to Bend.

By Jason Boone

Anyone can see the difference in Bend when spring weather finally hits. The trees begin to bud, flowers bloom, the grass quickly turns from dormant brown to lush green, and the snow-capped peaks of the Cascade Range pop under the clear, blue sky.

The atmosphere of the town also changes. Yes, we all love speeding down the slopes of Mount Bachelor. But there is something about suddenly warm, sunny weather that puts a jovial bounce into every Bend residents’ step.

Spring definitely has hit us in Bend, perhaps a bit earlier than normal. So far, April has brought us 70-degree day after 70-degree day.

Such a warm-up has affects the housing market here in Bend, too: Spring is historically when the real estate market begins to heat up. In fact, April typically sees a spike from March, according to monthly housing data compiled by the Skjersaa Group. In 2015, homes sales rose from 164 in March to 203 in April. In 2014, April posted 194 sales after just 141 in sales in March.

This is not an accident. It appears that the change in weather actually plays on our psychology, making us more optimistic when the weather is good. A study by economists says that optimism can make us more willing to buy big-ticket items such as a car or home.

In addition, there have been some positive economic signs of late that might make us all more optimistic. For one, Oregon’s job market continues to improve, including a 2015 gain in middle-wage jobs. This mirrors a national trend in which jobs and wages make gains. And stocks continue to make gains after a slow start to the year.

Of course, this does not mean an army of prospective buyers will all be rushing to purchase a home out of his or her price range. Nor does it mean sellers will get caught up in springtime exuberance and price themselves out of a sale.

It is just a reminder that when spring is in the air the market starts moving. And I, for one, can’t wait to get started.

Understanding the factors that the housing market is crucial in making a sound decision. Knowing how such information applies for each buyer and seller takes expertise. I can help navigate the market and find the perfect Bend, Oregon home.

To learn more about the Bend real estate market, get started with listing your Bend home, or to view area homes contact me call (541) 383-1426, or visit Bend Property Search to connect with me through my website.

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